Builders & Designers

The process of integrating tech should be easy for the client and all of the industry professionals involved.

While we prefer to work directly with the end-user throughout the process, design professionals can count on Iron Hill AV to partner closely with your team to get things done smoothly and efficiently. With our proven expertise we can help create an atmosphere that is both beautiful and functional for even the most discerning clientele.


We work closely with Architects to design home technology solutions that enhance architectural plans, not compromise them. We review your plans to ensure there are no design or structural issues that will hinder or prevent us from providing the automation and technology the client wants in the home.


We work closely with your team to reduce design complications, project delays, and other costly surprises. We work closely with your project managers to provide the best overall result for your client. We ensure the wiring is available for control panels and switches and that there is adequate space for the ‘rack room’ or control room for the system.


Technology should enhance, not distract from your vision. We can devise solutions that compliment most any home decor. Whether you want to showcase or discreetly conceal the technology, we can help to blend our technology seamlessly into your vision. From custom finishes to maintaining sight lines we’ll work with your team to create beautiful spaces.


We work closely with Landscape Architects to transform outdoor spaces by designing and installing beautiful smart landscape lighting and outdoor audio and display solutions.