Past Projects

A more detailed look at some of our past completed projects, you may find some inspiration here.



Pubs, Restaurants, Banquet Spaces

Single Location, Multi-location, Chains
Banquet Facilities
Function Rooms, Ballrooms, Gathering Space
Medical Facilities
Patient Rooms, Common Space, Structured Wire
Retail Shops
Single Location, Multi-Location, Chains

Community Developers
Smart Homes, Clubhouses, Gyms, Welcome Cntr  
Custom Home Builders
Smart Homes, Structured Wiring, Media Rooms
Private Residences
Smart Home, Outdoor Spaces, Media Rooms

Workstations, Meeting Rooms, Common Spaces

Explore our spotlight collection of past completed projects, as we briefly touch on some of the challenges, goals, and outcomes of these projects we were able to bring out expertise too to achieve the clients vision. Our results are directly related to our team’s contributions, we utilize a combination of long time trusted employees, contractors, and trade partners to help us help our clients. Our teams have led a vast variety of commercial, corporate, residential, and retail projects. Every project while similar on the surface, no matter if it is a Home Theater, Networking, Audio, Video, Lighting, or other home or business technology project, they are unique. Knowing how to address this in the project design upfront is key, let us help you with your next project.

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Main Event Room

Complete entertainment systems, out of site when not needed. Works as one large room or 2 smaller rooms, thanks to a smart dual system with projection screens, audio video routing, & wireless mics. simple touchscreen control.


Baywood Greens



High-output discreet audio system for background audio. Dual inputs for DJ's, presentations, or bands. As well as wired/wireless microphone allows allows for great room flexibility with minimal tech. As with the whole property, our simple in-room control system.


Deerfield Country Club


Function Rooms

Adjacent to the bar, the large function room has background audio that can be matched in the bar and the other adjacent function room. Audio inputs allow for users to connect their own devices, while wireless microphones offer flexibility for presentations.


Ed Oliver Golf Club



Complete overhaul of all speaker wiring and controls. Addition of multiple playback options and the ability for DJ or presenters to connect to the audio system.

Banquet Facility

Harrys Savoy Ballroom


Fine Dining

Simple clean installed music system that is easily controllable and provides clean clear sound. Balanced audio that sounds consistent as you move through the space. Zoned audio allows for fine control of the volume in various areas to better cater to nosier areas.


Harrys Savoy Grill


Outdoor Dining

Outdoor audio design was difficult, we had to provide background and active listening audio in an area that prohibits music being heard on the street. Control of the sound was critical. In addition we have connection for bands to setup outside and connect to the house system.


Klondike Kates

Live Sound

Multi-location restaurants have special requirements, the overall experience must be a branded one, but each location also has its own unique feel and vibe. Live sound systems and lighting. Complete with auto house audio switching when band plays.


OMG Hospitality 'Grain'


Smart Menus

Working with multiple suppliers and trades to install smart digital menu boards connected to the internet for remote updating from their central service provider. Networking, wi-fi, & Point-of-sale screen installation.


Feddys Steak Burgers


The Retail Bundle

Network wiring and setup for Point of Sale and wi-fi for inventory. Digital signage and audio for customer entertainment, engagement, and retention. 




Sound Design

Patients privacy is a major concern in any office or procedure room. Overhearing conversations can be a big problem. We retrofitted multiple locations with batt insulation over acoustical ceilings, added background music, and sound masking to help aid in controlling eavesdropping.

Medical Offices

West Cecil Health Centers



Being able to call for assistance is helpful, in a secure behavioral facility it can be critical. As part of a major expansion, existing paging systems had to be expanded into the new area, while also repairing the existing old system and maintain uptime.


Meadowood Hospital


Smart Homes

We provide our trade partners with professional installation and support for there new semi-custom home builds with smart technology pre-installed packages and options.

Our techs help bring these new home to life with the latest tech.


Nobles Pond


Whole Home Audio

Premium 8 zone sound with Episode Signature series speakers, powered by a custom Sonos installation to run each zone independently using preium amplification. Wiring for future outdoor spaces is in place. All controlled via a phone app or Alexa voice control.


Private Residence


Family Room

This new home, pre-wired by the builder prior to us coming in. We updated wiring as needed and created a beautiful focal point for the main room of the home. Designed to not overwhelm the small fireplace box, yet be easily seen from across the kitchen


Private Residence

Screenshot 2021-01-18 170009.jpg

Custom Audio

This new high tech facility in the Star Campus was a blast to work on. We provided premium zoned audio through the building, as well as wireless microphones for large meetings in the common areas. Custom IP controlled muting also allowed some staff to mute the speaker over their specific workstation if the music was to distracting.