Here at Iron Hill AV we are taking every precaution during the pandemic to keep everyone safe. Everyone by this point should understand that this pandemic is still causing major delays in product availability and in our ability to deliver services as usual. To that extent we have prepared these notices and policies to help guide all of us through this time.

With the ongoing disruptions caused by COVID, all manufacturers stock levels are affected. Thus all stores and retailers and out suppliers across the globe are seeing erratic availability of products. Due to limited workers, some warehouses are processing orders slower than others, and carriers are experiencing delivery delays also. This beyond anyone's control.

Be advised we will NOT be guaranteeing ANY delivery times or product availability - if you opt to purchase product or schedule services we will assume you understand these delays could occur without notice. Our standard agreement terms will apply regardless of delays, we will not make exceptions.


We will be taking the safety of our staff at the highest priority for the duration of this pandemic, and we understand you want to get your audio visual and networking installed or serviced asap. But our operating schedule may be stricter than that of the current local restrictions in place and could cause backups in scheduling. We understand this may be an inconvenience to some, but that is the situation. Plan accordingly that your project may be delayed without notice, and we will not be held liable for delays per our standard agreement.

Our associates are equipped with proper face coverings and sanitation supplies.

During any service we may limit the amount of time we spend in a given area on-site, this could extend service billable time, you will also be charged a Covid Surcharge to cover the costs of sanitation & personal protection supplies required to provide service on-site.

You will adhere to the following for the duration of any on-site service visit:

  • Only 1 person may be in the same room as our associates at any given time

  • Persons in the area of our associates must properly wear approved face coverings

  • Respect proper social distancing and personal space

Failure to comply with these terms may result in work stoppage or cancellation of service, service fees, cancellation fees, will apply and you will be liable for any and all fees for any amount of service we may have completed up to that point.