Media Servers

Imagine having all your media digitized and on your very own server, that you own. With the ability to access any of it with the click of a remote. Or even access it from any room in your home, or anywhere!



Have a large media collection, tons of DVD's?

Have them all digitized onto your own server. Even get them converted to HD or 4K! And continue expanding your digital collection easily with our media Concierge.



No more digging through piles of discs. Now quickly and easily find any media with beautiful on-screen cover art, and a click. Sort by genre or alphabetically, any way your want. Even view series by collection, and watch in order.



No more waiting through warnings or trailers. Instantly play your movie or show. Or, you can get the full movie theater experience with our pre-roll Teasers & Trailers add-on, just add the popcorn, candy, and soft drinks!



Want to access your media beyond a single room, no problem! Now anyone can access the entire library from any room, any time... even the same one. And with our custom servers you can even share with your friends.

*Features may vary.

Let's All Go To The Movies

Click a movie from your library and the system can automatically instantly cue up a random pre-show before your movie plays, which includes one or more new movie trailers and a custom Pre-Roll. Just like at the movie theater, it could be dancing candy, a fun spoof, or a room shaking sound check.

Available with our Plex Custom Media Server only



Our Custom Server device is capable of serving media to most any network playback devices, like a Zappiti player. Our servers are also equipped to work perfectly with the most popular media playback and management solution, Plex. Purchase of any of these options includes up to 50 media titles* pre-loaded for free to get you started.

Zappiti makes a great media management solution, perfect for having your entire collection digitally available in a single room. There are expansion options though, like using our Custom Server or the Zappiti NAS, or even the new Zappiti Share option each user the option to share with others in the home. So you're not tied down if you want to expand. Each unit is a room player and server, so you only need a single device to get started. Click to learn more on the Zappiti site.

PLEX makes a great media management and eco system, perfect for having your entire collection digitally available in any room or device, anywhere in the world. Using Plex does require the purchase of our Custom Server, but playback can be on any device you already own that runs the Plex App. Like the inexpensive Apple TV 4K or Roku Ultras. PLEX also add additional free streaming content and the ability to share your library with anyone in the world. Click to learn more about PLEX.


Cinema Experience


Quickly and easily browse and find popular titles from categories like Movies, TV Shows, Concerts, Documentaries, Comedy Shows, and more. Once you find the titles you want to add to your personal collection, send us a list so we can procure them for you.



Expand your collection with our media procurement service... Registered server owners can simply submit a request for the titles you want to purchase and our Concierge will provide you with title availability and a Quote you can pay online. Prices vary by title, resolution, type.

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**Preferences affect price and file size of media. Compatible playback equipment required for select preferences be sure your system supports this type before purchase. Selected preferences only provided if available for requested title, otherwise best available version will be provided instead. Type of file being provided will be noted at checkout. Please allow 2 business days for request to be reviewed. Delivery time varies by availability.  Digital Media Purchase Agreement.

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How to videos, software updates, FAQ, Knowledge base, and direct Zappiti support are all available to you, just click the link below...



How to videos, software updates, FAQ, Knowledge base, Community Plex App Support are all available to you, just click the link below...



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*Requests are typically answered in about 3 business days.

All support is chargeable, except for in warranty support of our custom media servers. This includes both on-site and remote support, limitations apply.