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Smart Lighting: Safety and Savings

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Dimming a light isn’t just aesthetically friendly, it can create a safer environment for you at home or work. It can integrate with control or surveillance systems to provide intelligent security, or just offer extra savings by improving overall lamp life.


Connecting smart lighting to existing systems, or having a standalone system can make your home safer. Whether you're taking precautions or just want to stop fumbling with switches in the dark, lighting is a simple way to add to you & your family's peace of mind.

Not to mention, you'll love saving with smart lighting. Dimmers save an average of 10 billion kilowatt hours per year! That’s equivalent to the amount of energy needed to light 4.4 million homes, or $950 million dollars of residential energy!


Smart lighting control is easier than you think. It can be as easy as having very traditional looking switches, or a phone app, or as advanced as automatic triggers that control the lights.

Commands get transmitted across a small a network using a source device called a main repeater or hub. Higher-end system will create there own dedicated network, this is preferred as it does not bog down your home Wi-Fi.

These hubs relay custom commands and information back to connected lighting products such as switches and dimmers, so you’re able to control individual devices or groups of devices wirelessly.

Higher-end systems will also include remote control of the system from anywhere in the world, not just at home.


Look for systems with easy integration of your existing systems, if you want more control options. Going with higher-end name brand solutions will often give you the most flexibility for integration with other systems and remotes. For example, you lighting controllers and app, may offer the option to control things like your whole home music or window shades in that room also!

Also consider if it compatible with any voice control you might have or want.


Look for systems with OvrC built-in. This can allow your installer to remotely troubleshoot your system. This can eliminate the need for some on-site service calls, saving everyone time.

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