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Taking Your Sonos, and More, Outside?

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

We offer lots of premium ways to take your audio to the outdoors, we have amazing speakers and amplifiers, control systems, etc. Even integrating Sonos, MusicCast, or most any other smart streaming speakers into that as well. But while all of that requires wiring to the outside from your main home or building, that's not always possible or practical. And until just recently we did not have much options to offer clients.

That's why we think the best new product we have seen this year is SpkrShell from Terrapin Outdoor Solutions.

The SpkrShell and other product AmpShell are new offerings from Terrapin Outdoor Solutions. We tested out Terrapin Outdoor Solutions products earlier this year and were very impressed with these unique solutions and there build quality, as well as its ability to blend-in.

Terrapins flagship product is SpkrShell, it's claim to fame is that it is the only product that is specifically designed to allow you to install your Sonos One or Play:1 smart wireless speakers outdoors permanently in your backyard landscaping. As if that's not enough, SpkrShell also works with Sonos like products such as the very popular Yamaha MusicCast 20, Bluesound Pulse Flex 2i, Bose Home Speaker 300, Denon Heos 1 and the Home 150, Apple HomePod, and more. The SpkrShell really is an amazing product.

Our main concern when we first saw the SpkrShell was not only the over build quality being that its going outside, but more importantly, how does it sound? Overall the sound was very good, the unique and thoughtful design of the SpkrShell places the speaker on it's back inside, facing up. This, coupled with smart engineering, gives a nice even 360 degree sound from your single speakers, along with improved bass. There is quite a bit more to that SpkrShell than we expected, like top-quality materials for sound-dampening and balance of the air space like you would find in high-end loudspeakers, you can order custom length power cords, it's paintable, and more!

AmpShell is another stand-out product, design for you to place amplifiers closer to where your speakers will be to reduce wire run lengths and costs of installation (like ripping up your landscaping to run wires). It is again designed with the Sonos AMP in mind, but is also universal to allow for a long list of other devices to fit as well. To name just a few popular brands, it will work with select devices from Sonos, Autonomic, Control4, Yamaha, Denon, Triad, RTI, Elan, and many more. While we have seen similar types of products like AmpShell marketed for home use, most are repurposed industrial enclosures that don't look that great on your house, nor have what's needed internally. The engineers at Terrapin Outdoor Solutions have definitely done there homework again for this product. Thermostatic cooling fan, high flow air vents with filters, surge protected outlet, grounding strap, custom cord lengths similar to SpkrShell, but the AmpShell comes in several nice color options to help blend-in with your space.

Terrapin Outdoor Solutions has brought some great products to market that not only look and sound great, but also address some real needs of our clients. This is why we have added them as a trusted vendor as part of our installation services.

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